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Whether it’s a studio apartment downtown or a villa by the sea, our team is able to offer the ideal solution for every context and budget. Thanks to our brands, we can offer...


A new building or a renovation of what exists. Our Interior Designers are at Your complete disposal to perfectly guide you from the first moments. We know well that starting off on the right foot is fundamental to the final realisation of your dream. Try the quality of our offers, come to BI.CI. and test the freshness of our offer. 



Surrounded by the beauty of Made in Italy Design products and located in the creative heart of Italy, we can only be ambassadors of our good taste in furniture. More than thirty years of experience and thousands of furnished houses allow us to get to you with the best possible reputation. Our clients are in love and satisfied. And what are you waiting to taste our flavour?


Fashionable living.

We think that the trend is fundamental for both the clothing and the residences of our clients. Our projects from the windows and doors to the furniture are never banal, but they are always attentive to the best possible comfort for your and your family. Inside and outside the house.


Do you want to change or renovate your doors and windows?

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