The company was founded in the early 1950s by a visionary Italian entrepreneur who wanted to the produce high end kitchens. It would take 15 years before the company would become known by its actual name, Rossana, thanks to Giancarlo Iliprandi, the designer of the kitchen by the same name. In fact, the Rossana kitchen was so successful that its name became the corporate brand, along with the famous slogan "kitchens from the heart". 

The Rossana brand belongs to the history of Italian design, and has always been a reference point for the other leading companies in the industry because of its high standards of quality, design and technology. The brand succeeded in affirming its market share by responding to market demands, of course, but also - unlike the general trend in our contemporary times - due to the fact that Rossana kitchens are created to last. Scrupulous attention to detail is another element that has allowed the company to satisfy discerning clients able to appreciate the customisation of each model.

Perfect, harmonious proportions and a feeling of understated luxury are the distinguishing features of Living Divani, the dynamic and vibrant family-owned company that has made its trademark of upholstery. Since the early 1970s, the company has followed a clear path, maintaining an intensive dialogue with the contemporary world and becoming one of the landmarks in the design landscape. Strategic is the alliance with Piero Lissoni who, since 1988 has led the firm’s unique style in his dual role as art director and designer. “When I design, I interact with the company seeking to express at best, with my own language, its necessity”, says the architect who for Living Divani has combined its distinctive style made of discretion and formal neutrality, lightness and dynamism, with a calibrated, essential design, which merge purity of lines and shapes with ergonomics and comfort.

MERIDIANI was born in 1996 from a simple yet passionate idea of Laura Ferraro Crosti, wife of Renato Crosti, founder of the company: a new home collection characterized by a recognizable lifestyle, timeless yet always up to date, able to keep an eye open for trends but with deep roots in the past.

Established in 1973 by the Benedini family in Verona and subsequently relocated to Mantua, Agape owes much of its aesthetics, innovation and passion to its crucial geographical position between Milan, Veneto and Emilia. Founded with the vocation of creating new ways of interpreting the bathroom, the company today sets a benchmark for contemporary furniture. 

Under Agape’s expert guidance the bathroom shifts from functional space to emotional centre of the home, becoming a dynamic and rejuvenating environment devoted to personal wellbeing.

Schüco produces building envelope solutions (windows, doors and facades) in harmony with nature, putting people and their needs at the centre. Thanks to greater energy efficiency of the systems, the company is committed to meeting the most strictly design, comfort and safety requirements and to reducing CO2 emissions, preserving natural resources. The Schüco aluminium solutions have colours, shapes and dimensions tailor-made to their style and they also comply with specific anti-intrusion security requirements, indoor comfort, thermal and acoustic performance. They are also extremely durable over time.

Laminam is the revolutionary Made in Italy ceramic slab: 1620x3240mm of pure porcelain stoneware compacted in a thickness of 12mm. Ideal for the kitchen top, it is a cutting board on which to work food using blades, liquids, oil, wine and hot pots. All this without sacrificing refined aesthetics available in over 40 finishes, to create environments with a strong personality.

Oikos venezia designs, manufactures and tests custom made safety doors meeting high quality standards, at its headquarters in Gruaro, 50 km from Venice. The entire production is certified and carried on inside the company, a strength point that ensures the product uniqueness, entirely Made in Italy and with a refined design. Oikos aims to provide architects and interior designers with a wide range of technical and aesthetic solutions. Their presence in all the main European countries as well as Asian, African and American markets demonstrates the company vocation towards internationality.

Discover Flos world: lighting design collections made of iconic and innovative lamps for home, outdoor lighting and architectural lights.

Poltrona Frau, a leader in high-end furniture, is inspired by the values of made in Italy design. Discover the collection of armchairs, chairs and sofas.

For over three centuries, Gaggenau has been the exclusive premium home appliance brand leader for technological innovation and design made in Germany, Find out here why the difference is called Gaggenau


For more than 40 years we have been creating design products for the home, office and contract sectors. Magis was founded in 1976 in Northern Italy. Since then we have become a global player in the world of design, always remaining true to our essence: redefining the horizons of design.
We are always looking for new ideas, new design languages and innovative production methods. Our portfolio therefore ranges from the most purist to the most expressive lines. Some will say that Magis is eclectic. We answer that yes, we are.

Dedar experiments and innovates to attain product perfection through an ongoing dialogue with those craftsmen and textile specialists who are most familiar with the techniques employed in the production of excellent fabrics. Characterized by seductive colour palettes and unexpected patterns, Dedar’s fabrics combine precious yarns with research into fiber technology to offer various solutions for curtains, upholstery and wall covering of timeless elegance. From 2011 to 2020, Dedar partnered Hermès in the production and distribution of furnishing fabric and wallpaper collections.

Superlative comfort, universal and timeless elegance are the fundamental characteristics of Edra.

Edra was founded in 1987 in Tuscany. Today it is known worldwide for the absolute quality of its products, which combine artistic tradition, technological research, high manual skill and materials of the highest quality.

Edra has always created exclusive and timeless products.

The sofas, armchairs and all the other products in the Edra collection are designed and manufactured with such care that they are truly unique, unmistakable, to be experienced with the maximum pleasure, and remain a heritage forever.

Flou is an Italian company operating in the furniture sector founded in Meda in 1978 by Rosario Messina and some partners. Since 1998 Flou belongs entirely to the Messina family. The current production includes beds, mattresses, accessories, wardrobes, linens and furnishing accessories.


Oty Light is the brainchild of two brothers, Andrea and Simone.
For better or for worse, everything in Oty comes from their understanding: "light is not an industry, with many directors and no one in charge. It is rather a sartorial work, with strong personalities who sew values, concepts and experiences around interconnected ideas. The future is always the consequence of these ideas, realised in the best possible way.

A historic company specialising in marble processing.
The heart of Alimonti Milano is the customer, who is offered a personalised and made-to-measure service, generating a production that is never standardised and serial, but always relative to the individual project, in a path studded with multiple steps to make the journey as easy as possible, such as the possibility of a pre-laying in a dedicated space or the assistance of a specialised technical office. 

Bathroom Furniture

Made in Italy production of high quality bathroom furniture with excellent materials: wood, monolith, stonelith.

Fast modern patio furniture collections are the result of the encounter between design and nature, where the outdoor lifestyle is expressed in all its facets: not just a garden, a seafront patio, but also city streets, restaurants, resorts.

Italian luxury design furniture

Italian luxury design furniture. Every morning one craftsmen offers his hands and his art to make each Henge product unique.

Bathroom Furniture

Born from an idea of Alessio Coramusi, descendant of an ancient family of Master Ceramists since the end of the 1800s, with the intention of enhancing this noble raw material, and
The idea was to use this noble raw material to create innovative and original bathroom collections that are also timeless, contemporary and linked to our tradition.
Our collections have a recognisable, innovative, elegant and functional design.


KitchenAid is made for people who love to cook and exists to make the kitchen a place of endless possibilities.

The Paola Lenti company, founded in Meda in 1994, is managed and run by Anna and Paola Lenti.  Year after year, the company has been able to build an identity recognizable all over the world: the unique approach to materials and shapes, together with the original interpretation of colour, contributes to make the collections unmistakable, creating an innovative living proposal, for interiors and exteriors, able to combine high functional and aesthetic qualities.

Founded in 1958, Tumidei has over sixty years of activity behind it, in an era characterised throughout the world by a radical change in the conception of the home, in the way the family lives and, therefore, in furnishing. The continuous search for ever more sophisticated furnishing solutions in line with consumer needs has been one of the company's success factors and the stimulus for its well-considered and constant growth over time.

Mutina was born from the natural need to bring the thoughts of great designers to measure themselves for the first time with the world of ceramic coverings.

Bathroom Furniture

Born from an idea of Alessio Coramusi, descendant of an ancient family of Master Ceramists since the end of the 1800s, with the intention of enhancing this noble raw material, and
The idea was to use this noble raw material to create innovative and original bathroom collections that are also timeless, contemporary and linked to our tradition.
Our collections have a recognisable, innovative, elegant and functional design.


Wolf has been building cooking equipment to satisfy the most demanding professional chefs and domestic cooks for more than 70 years. Hand-crafted from the finest materials, Wolf’s designs incorporate intuitive technology and superb ergonomics. Wolf’s advanced technology will never overwhelm but rather make it easier and more enjoyable to prepare delicious meals. In addition to the sophisticated exteriors and striking cobalt-blue oven interiors, you will find that the settings, precise temperature control, and other features are all designed to get the results you want. Wolf focuses exclusively on the art and science of cooking, with a driving passion to build outstanding kitchen equipment that looks great and delivers a professional performance.


From the moment a fig is picked, a clock begins to tick. For its flavor is never better, brighter, or sweeter than when it is perfectly ripe. Prolonging that freshness—that fleeting peak taste and texture—is the single-minded mission of Sub-Zero
All Sub-Zero refrigerators are built-in, or professionally installed for a precise, custom fit within surrounding cabinetry in your home. With both stainless steel and panel-ready finishes available, along with nearly limitless configurations, Sub-Zero offers true design flexibility to complement, anchor, or disappear completely into your décor.

Frames, doors and security doors

Scrigno offers counterframes for sliding or hinged doors. Discover all the solutions and choose the one best suited to your needs.

The company designs furniture solutions that serve ergonomics and function, characterised by a useful design that will last over time.


Cutting-edge solutions for kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture. Since 1990 Novacucina has been proposing modern furnishing programmes for a wide range of aesthetics, capable of satisfying the most diverse lifestyles with customised solutions.


Antolini Arredamenti is today a well-known and appreciated furniture shop in the local area, which began in the 1920s in a carpenter's workshop, moving on to mass production of furniture and arriving at the current structure dedicated to marketing. This long journey allows us to offer professionalism, experience, reliability and efficiency: this is what is made available to our customers, to build together, step by step, their project, to create an environment that, reflecting the expectations and desires of each, communicates well-being and serenity to those who live it.

Discover Cassina furniture. Sofas, armchairs, chairs and furnishing accessories made by great names in design, from Le Corbusier to Philippe Starck.

Faucets and bathroom accessories. It produces taps and plumbing accessories. It presents the products and the designers. Company profile.

Linear shapes, precious materials, excellent workmanship and intuitive use: these are the aesthetic characteristics of the appliances of the new Generation 7000, available in four new design lines and three different colors, in addition to the version with stainless steel elements. In this way, Miele offers the right solution for any type of environment, harmoniously integrating the appliance.

Linvisibile is the innovative system for design doors and technical closures totally flush-to-wall that eliminates the need for visible door posts, frames, jambs, and exposed hinges to achieve seamless continuity between wall and door. It can be made in all dimensions and shapes. It enables maximum versatility and personalisation.

With 70 years of experience, Secco Sistemi is the leading Italian brand in the production of integrated systems for galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten and burnished brass fixtures and facades. Every year Secco Sistemi turns 2 millions linear meters of profiled bars into 200.000 doors and windows, interpreting fixtures as part of an integrated and versatile system at the architect’s disposal, the results blending industrial technology with creativity and craftsmanship. Secco Sistemi guarantees maximum levels of sustainability, comfort and wellbeing. The company collaborates with important professionals experts and leading figures on the contemporary scene of architecture, the common denominator being the passion for materials, attention to detail and project culture.

Anton Griesser layed the foundation stone for what has become today's Griesser Group in the Swiss town of Aadorf in 1882. The traditional company, still at this location today, has put its entire experience into the manufacture of innovative and high-quality solar shading products. The Griesser Group meanwhile is now one of the leading providers across Europe of high quality and market-responsive solar shading solutions for windows and patios.

A distinctive feature at Olivari is the fact that the entire manufacturing process takes place exclusively at the Olivari factory in Borgomanero, northwest of Milan. ade only in brass, Olivari products go through a precise sequence of phases: hot forging and shearing, mechanical processing, grinding, vibratory finishing, polishing, galvanic deposition, physical vapour deposition (PVD) and laser marking. In addition, all the technical components made in resin, brass sheet and steel sheet are forged and assembled in the same factory. Every phase of the production cycle is meticulously controlled to guarantee constant quality over time.

The story began in 1969, when Ottorino Pivato opened Pivato carpenter's shop in his house garage. The small concerns typical handmade attention to the products, along with the constant pursuit of quality and style, led in 1985 to the first doors collection, “Collezione Origini”, which would have distinguished the company through the “New Wood” brand for years to come. For more than 30 years, Pivato door goes through countless variables: collections, finishes, dimensions, opening solutions, glasses and accessories. The whole company production offers almost 15 milions of different combinations.

GRUPPO ESSE is a continuously growing company, employing a security team with over 30 years of experience in development of technology and products research. Their mission is INNOVACTION: innovation and action. GRUPPO ESSE is a dynamic, flexible and innovative company, leader in its market that operates throughout the country and internationally. The certified and guaranteed quality, the modern technology and the sleek minimalist design take shape in the wide range of GRUPPO ESSE products.

Sistemi RasoParete (based in Limite Sull'Arno) has become a widely recognized brand name and offers designers and retailers a comprehensive range of concealed systems of unrivalled excellence and flexibility, with the company now ranking among the most well-known Italian businesses spearheading Made in Italy design.

Since 1983 Astec srl has distinguished itself as a dynamic and versatile company in the wide panorama of the metal frame, offering products of the highest quality and made exclusively with quality materials, such as copper alloys, steel, stainless steel. Works entrusted to the true craftsmanship of the artisan and to the industry efficiency, with enjoyment of the Quality Control Management UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and product certifications. Astec ensures functional and finishing characteristics to all his artefacts.

Established in the nineties, Protek designs and produces pocket frames for sliding doors, windows and several other systems for sliding glass or wooden door panels. During these years Protek has established itself into both national and international markets, thanks to its high quality products and patented systems. Design and manufacturing completely made in Italy are the company pride, which offer innovative and functional products, aesthetically beautiful and with amazing functionality. (Bigfoot®, Magic Box®, Linear®, Lifty System®).


In 2004, designer Massimo Luca conceived the ADL project, with the aim of creating technologically advanced products that are also interior architectural elements. His experience in the field of design, combined with his way of thinking, which looks towards the future, determined the direction of the company. ADL focuses on creating doors that are not simply furnishing items, but which complete a room by becoming part of it.

Design, production and distribution of wooden and wooden-aluminium high quality doors and windows. Made in Italy manufacturing.

For more than 75 years the VELUX Group has created better living environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into people's homes all over the world. Velux products include roof windows and modular skylights, as well as a range of decorative elements, blinds, roller shutters, installation solutions and remote controls. Velux faces the Italian market in 1968 thanks to the Lacedelli company (from Cortina d'Ampezzo), which first markets its products.

Gandiablasco is today a well-known (and recognised) outdoor furniture company which, to a great extent, has managed to highlight the quality of Spanish design internationally. The brand began to operate by producing blankets during the Spanish post-war period. In the 90s, with the generational succession, Gandiablasco launched Na Xemena: a successful collection of outdoor furniture which has marked the brand’s personality to the present day. Since then, the manufacture of outdoor furniture with aluminium profiles and white colours, the hallmark of the house, has been added to production of textiles.

Innovation, design research, technology: RODA proposes its own vision of the Italian design in the world, dictating with its collections the lines of a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style. Over twenty years of experience and successes, outcome of the acute intuition of the founder, Roberto Pompa, the first to introduce the concept of "IN & OUT", lead to the production of very high quality outdoor furniture.

Each pot by Atelier Vierkant is unique and tells a different story. A story made of inspiration and transpiration.

ZonaUno allows you to efficiently solve various situations that arise during the construction and renovation of your rooms. ZonaUno is widely used in any environment whether residential, public or commercial. ZonaUno allows you to transform your space, making it extremely attractive and above all suggestive.

Ak47 is the reference company for those looking for the best outdoor wood braziers with Made in Italy design.

Ranging from day to night, the Ivano Redaelli Collection offers a series of furnishings and high-end fabrics embracing an exclusive, total style concept, the ideal of the perfect, glamourous, elegant home. A vision engaging all the senses, giving life to unique emotions and impressions that reverberate in all aspects of everyday life. A private, intimate world to be imagined and designed in all of its components, selecting among a wide range of refined décor, sartorial details, exclusive fabrics, amazing materials and timeless, essential designs. A sheer evergreen concept. 

Artemide, one of the global leaders of the residential illumination sector, is always synonym with design, innovation and made in Italy. 

Founded in 1960s, Artemide is one of the most known illumination brands in the world. Known for its "The Human Light" philosophy, Artemide boasts high skills in light design and innovation, with products originating from research and high-quality manufacturing.
The Artemide Lamps are considered on an international level as Design Icons of contemporary design; they are exhibited in most museums of modern art and design collections. (MoMA - New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, Victoria and Albert Museum - Londra, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica - Milano, Galleria Nazionale dArte Moderna - Roma, Parigi, Centre Georges Pompidou ecc.).

KE Outdoor Design is specialized in the design, production and installation of awnings, pergolas, special coverings and outdoor structures.

Dakota Living is a division of Dakota Group (a leading group made in Italy specialized in the production and marketing of 360 ° materials for outdoor and indoor decking flooring.

Rediscover history to create the future. Since 1969, the combination of ancient craftsmanship and modern aesthetic solutions has distinguished the reality of Varaschin, a Venetian company leader in outdoor furniture. The weave, initially of rattan and wicker and subsequently of synthetic materials and more suitable for the outside, has always been the soul of Varaschin production, which over the years has risen to an unmistakable stylistic trait and a guarantee of quality.
The outdoor collections are signed by the most prestigious names of Italian and international design. Each product line has its own history and distinctive trait, but the reinterpretation of the graphic sign of the weave represents a company constant that unites and harmonizes.
Attention to detail, originality and aesthetic refinement are other fundamental characteristics of Varaschin creations, which make them unique, refined and elegant. The vision of a single harmonious space inspires furnishings that suggest the expansion and fusion of the external environment with the internal one, in a balanced game between lightness and comfort.

Cotto d’Este inspires its mission to the values ​​of Italian beauty: taste, elegance and style, to live the present at the highest levels of excellence.

A luxury contemporary lighting company whose designs grace the interiors of iconic landmarks and interior designed houses in all the major cities of the world. Premium materials are meticulously crafted through several processes to achieve their refined quality. These statement lights produce a warm ambient glow which sets a mood of sophistication and elegance.

After the integration with Boffi, De Padova from 28 October 2015 has a new address: via Santa Cecilia 7, a side street of Corso Monforte. A familiar place to rediscover. Where architecture, design and interior design meet in an innovative dimension, with the usual style. De Padova's new home is the mirror of today's home, which does not forget the past and opens up to new relationships and dynamics. The space designed by the art director of the two brands, Piero Lissoni, in collaboration with their respective marketing offices, is a place of light and a laboratory of ideas. It does not show itself on the street, it announces itself with the foliage of a large tree and discreet signs, at the blind end of the short Via Santa Cecilia. But the experience that is lived inside - in the movement between the two levels of a total of 1100 square meters, in the relationship between inside and outside and in the innovative path between sets of real housing solutions - recalls the relationship with the city and its industriousness. It is a large industrial loft which is accessed by a car tunnel, made pedestrian only. Illuminated by a high glass window, which overlooks the descent with the first objects to welcome, it leads to a luminous cavedio: a quiet square with a small garden, with a vaguely oriental flavor, on which the large glass wall of the store opens. You then enter from the bottom. It is inside, but still outside. And, once you cross the threshold, crossing the rooms recreated with the various furnishing proposals, you go up to the ground floor, naturally lit by skylights and windows, which can already be seen from the street. The concept with which the De Padova store in via Santa Cecilia was born integrates complementary suggestions to the collection's furnishings in the exhibition and contextualises them with bathrooms, kitchens and cabinets by the Boffi group, but above all with a library of selected brand partner materials: from the tiles with resins, from woods to fabrics for coverings and curtains. All available to customers who, led by an internal team of architects, will be able to carry out integral customized projects - complete with heating, air conditioning and home automation systems - for interiors and for terraces and gardens. The new Milanese point De Padova, thus conceived, will act as a driving force for the widespread diffusion of the brand's value in the world, through a plan planned until April 2017. Firstly by joining the existing network of Boffi flagships and, with the completion of the range in Corso, with stores that will replicate in style, that of Milan. We therefore start for the moment with important shop-in-shops that will light up in London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Frankfurt, Zurich, Barcelona, ​​Antwerp, Paris, Montpellier, Cannes, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Shanghai in the next four months. De Padova's move confirms that removals are an opportunity to confront one's own identity, and strengthen it in change.


Rok breaks with the past by revolutionizing the concept of "outdoor cooking", bringing all the experience of using the indoor kitchen into the outdoor spaces.

Olivieri's story is the story of a family that since 1929 has been able to better interpret the trends and ways of living at home, first in Italy and today in many countries around the world. Four generations have followed one another. The founder Gregorio Olivieri, born in 1908, was just nine years old when he started making the first solid wood objects, fascinated by the beauty of the material. Before long he realized that his passion was linked to the world of furniture.

Wall&Decò was born by chance, from the intuition of Christian Benini, founder and artistic director of the brand, that was originally an advertising photographer. While he was shooting a campaign, he used a photo of big leaves for the background and he immediately realized the high potential of this idea for the home decoration field. Wall&Decò has faced the market that same day and in short time started to redefine the wall decoration aesthetic, with a precise and innovative solution: not by just repeating patterns and geometries, typical of the traditional wallpapers, but using  macro-images with a strong materic effect. 

For generations, Frigerio has been a company specialized in the production of upholstered furniture. Constant innovation, craftsmanship and the excellent quality level of the materials distinguish Frigerio production, for an increasingly demanding and attentive clientele, both in terms of taste and functionality.

Pianca creates systems and furnishing accessories for the residential - night and day area - and for the contract. Our approach to design is oriented to the personalization of products and environments, so as to satisfy the needs of a lifestyle based on flexibility, mobility and change, but with the desire to "feel at home and at ease". Respect for the history and identity values of the brand - territory, Italianness, family, ingenuity - and the pursuit of a real sustainability of products and processes, allow us to enhance the human side of the company: capable of marrying its rational part ( thinking) with the most emotional and empathic one (loving).

Handcrafted luxury outdoor furniture with over 20 years of DEDON experience.

Decorate with London Art wallpapers, Italian design.

Alf Group takes great care in selecting the best materials for its proposals.
The quality of the raw materials used determines the high aesthetic level that distinguishes the collection, with a choice of the best woods for the veneers, the widest range of colours for the lacquers and workmanship in line with the trends. Quality of living as a fundamental component of everyday life: the Alf Group collection is the result of a constant commitment to offering the general public the widest variety of choices to create their own domestic dimension.
At the basis of their way of interpreting quality lies a heritage of "knowledge of wood" rooted in the craftsmanship tradition of the Veneto district, one of the most important districts at international level. All Alf Group proposals are designed and produced in Italy to guarantee careful and accurate control over all production phases. Components and raw materials are selected and purchased from the best European and international suppliers.
What makes each of our products a source of pride for "Made in Italy" is above all our limitless creativity.

To describe Azzurra would be to outline a story that began thirty years ago in passionate pursuit of innovation in the field of ceramics. Craftsmanship advanced as the spirit of production philosophy, built on a blend of manual wisdom and modern technology.  A 360° research project regarding the world of bathrooms, featuring new vistas on contemporary language and exclusive collaboration with international designers. Continual exploration in the pursuit of materials that have been transformed into objects with an overarching technical focus. The call to design customised individual solutions that convey the uniqueness of the industrial tailor-made product.

Longhi is a company linked to contemporary living themes, attentive to the evolution of taste but with solid roots in the production reality. The variety of the topics dealt with - furnishing accessories, sliding glass walls, furniture doors, sofas - is the result of a global and coherent business project that involves every aspect of the production process: from the development of prototypes to technologies applied, to customer service up to communication. The collections that constantly update the catalogs reflect the values of a precise design philosophy: attention to comfort and functionality, the search for a design that makes each element - be it a coffee table, a door, or an entire wall - part of a system coordinated with a sober and elegant imprint.

Extendo is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of interior design items.
All products are 100% made in Italy: equipped walls and bookcases, walk-in closets, tables and coffee tables.
Extendo is present in over 50 showrooms in Italy and in multiple points of sale abroad, to name a few locations: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Monaco, Singapore, New York.

In recent years, the Treemme Rubinetterie company has also achieved brilliant results in the field of design with greater attention to product personalization and innovation, without neglecting the classic and more traditional lines. The development of new forms and ideas has been given to renowned design studios, such as: the architect Missanelli for QUADRA, the American designer Remi Theberg for BRIDGE, the G. Vegni Design studio for the most recent lines CUT, PAO and BLOK; the latter deserved the prestigious DESIGN PLUS 2007 award at the ISH era in Frankfurt. In addition to 2007, DESIGN PLUS was also won in 2011 with Philo designed by Gianluca Belli / Phi Cubo and with Light by Danilo Fedeli, 2013 instead saw the 5MM project by Ocostudio and Ing.Castagnoli as protagonist.

Glas Italia, founded in Brianza in 1972, produces doors, separating walls and crystal furniture, thanks to the secular experience of the family glassworks and to the endless passion for glass. Research and design use the most advanced technologies and the collaboration with the most famous designers that recognize the possibility of realizing their creative ideas thanks to the company. Elegance, creativity, formal quality are the fundamental traits of all the products by Glas Italia that are perfect to use in the residential, office and contract field. 

Furnishing today means combining spaces, volumes, materials and colours in an harmonic way. To fulfill this goal, the two italian companies Edoné and Fondovalle started their collaboration. They both have a philosophy based on research, quality, social and environmental ethics. In this context, they developed a common project that guarantee the full customisation of the bathroom, using the materials by Fondovalle for the coating of the spaces, as well as for the realization of pieces of furniture. Together they realized 3 collections of furniture by Edoné where aesthetics is combined with functionality and search for a look of strong aesthetic impact.

Miruku does not stop at the simple coating, but pays attention to what the environment itself is able to communicate. Each surface is in fact characterized by peculiar contexts and furnishings that require unique solutions. The purpose of our collections is therefore to enhance, through specific graphic languages, what each surface can express. A touch of art to transform our world. Everything starts from artistic intuition, a concept that is first thought and explored and then be realized according to its application. All Miruku papers are made by designers from different sectors who have made their didactic and artistic knowledge available for the creation of the artwork.

There are infinite ways to express your creativity, and when it comes to design and interior the wall becomes the protagonist, like a canvas to tell your emotions.

WallPepper® offers customized graphics printed in the highest quality, accompanied by an absolutely unique material on the market, highly appreciated for its ecological and material characteristics that make it velvety and soft to the touch: WallPepper® Smooth TNT is a compound based on textile fibers of agave and cellulose, PVC free, certified fire-resistant in class B-s1-d0. It has obtained the prestigious IMO-MED certification for shipbuilding and contributes to obtaining all international certifications (Breed, Leed, etc. ..).

The history of Ceccotti Collezioni has its origins since the foundation, in 1956, of Ceccotti Aviero. The company, born as a manufacturer of home furniture and later established in hotel supplies, has collaboarted with the most prestigious international chains, such as Trusthouse Forte in London, Sheraton and Ciga, giving international scope to an activity of the great artsian tradition from Cascina, a small Tuscan town located between Pisa and Florence. The training of the company's skilled workers, arose from the artisan culture in the woodworking sector thanks to the prestigious Art School that forged designers and specialized carpenters. The company's journey continues inspired by countless collaborations which determined its development and growth. In 1986 the well-known Italian architect, theorist of the "post modern" project, Paolo Portoghesi, will contribute to the creation of some of the most recognizable historical pieces of production; but it will not be until 1988 that contemporary design becomes a concrete production topic with the birth of Ceccotti Collezioni.

Mycore designs and manufactures entirely in Italy interior roller blinds that thanks to their exclusive design and strong contemporary character combined with the use of noble materials such as billet aluminum, have led the company to establish itself as a quality leader in the sector . Wall, ceiling, suspended installations; curved walls, sloping ceilings, corners, difficult architectures: roller blinds for interiors by Mycore have no limits in meeting personal requests and when these go beyond all expectations, the company is able to develop new dedicated solutions.
With a team of cutting-edge designers and its own internal processing laboratory, Mycore will follow every detail: from the surveys to the study phase, up to the production and installation of the tent. Today Mycore represents the excellence of Made in Italy. Technical and aesthetic bride, she constantly invests in research and innovation, designs and manufactures her roller blinds in Italy to guarantee products of absolute quality, reliability and durability.

Each Mycore tent starts from the analysis of the individual needs and typicality of the environment. On the basis of these, a unique, exclusive and totally personalized final piece is created where every detail has been finished in a thousandth way.

A startup in the field of design: a new vision for interiors and furniture rooted in Scandinavia. Founded in 2012 in Copenhagen, MA / U Studio specializes in the creation of innovative furniture systems and shelving for the home, work and work. hospitality. The brand focuses on building simple but visually striking products that offer flexible solutions that can adapt to the ever-changing use and purpose of modern living environments. 

These are values linked to the culture of those who, with their profession, have built consolidated and lasting relationships in over 30 years of activity. The first strategic goal of every healthy company is to increase its survival capacity and grow together with customers always seeking customer satisfaction because the latter does not pay for the performance or the object but the value it represents. And value is a suggestion of a particular, an attention to form, a culture of comfort, a style in the production language. And the style is not immobile but something that must be continuously interpreted with intuition and sensitivity.

Founded at the beginning of the '60s in Sassuolo, in the most important ceramic tradition area of Italy, Giacobazzi has always stood out for its ability to realize the entire production cycle of parquets and coatings: from drying, to processing, until arriving to the finishes made with the best materials. Four generations that have deepened the techniques of woodworking and the knowledge of the wooden materials.

The search for the most precious raw materials, the handicraft execution, the industrial production volumes, the speed of response and a growing attention to design, have leaded the company to collaborate with famous architects and interior designers in search of unique products.
Eighty years of experience in wood working allows Giacobazzi to project itself to the future with awareness, curiosity and with a defined aesthetic objective: create beauty in the daily life. The long story of love for wood, experimentation and search for essences has originated a new language that today is expressed through shades, shapes, consistences and sensations.
The company not only dedicate its attention to floors but also to coatings of different volumes and dimensions: from boiseries to ceramics, from natural pigments to digital printing. 

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