Rossana Cucine


DC10 is a kitchen in the style of Vincenzo De Cotiis. More than a modular system, it is an extraordinary, visionary object. This design leans heavily towards contemporary art methods and the aesthetics of New Art Deco, being completely liberated from the homogeneity typical of traditional kitchen systems. Designed in 2010, the model consists of components put together in a strictly island-style block, with a customised design for each individual client. As it can be freely combined with the cabinet systems and accessories of the Rossana range, the kitchen does not come with its own wall units and cupboards.

The extraordinary materials used for the door panels, such as the brushed and burnished brass which is used here for the first time ever in this context, create warm and luxury surfaces. The design of the countertops, with their rounded edges and large surface areas broken up by tabletop appliances and accessories, demonstrates exceptional quality and functionality. Finally, the surprising kitchen interior, with the added technical and aesthetic value of the casework, strengthens the comparison to the living room furniture. Intensity, contemporary luxury, interpretation, customisation and high technology are the key words to describe this genuine masterpiece of contemporary design.

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